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Manufacturing Facility
(27,000 square feet)

The fabrication and assembly of enclosures requires a variety of manufacturing processes including:


  • Precision Cutting

  • Metal Forming

  • CNC Machining

  • Fabrication/Welding

  • Finishing

  • Assembly


East Coast performs all operations in-house with the exception of painting and coating. The painting and coating operations are outsourced to either customer designated vendors or vendors that we have utilized for more than a decade.

Precision Cutting

Depending on the size, dimensional tolerances and material thickness, East Coast employs a variety of state-of-the-art laser and CNC punching equipment to create the shapes and cut-outs required by our customers.

  • CINCINNATI CL840 Laser cutting system, 4000 watt (60” x 120” sheet capacity)

  • AMADA AC-225, 51 Station Turret Punch

  • AMADA EMK3612M2 55 Station Turret Punch Press (10' x 5' Sheet Capacity)

  • Amada Togu 111 tool grinder

Metal Forming

Once raw material has been cut, it is formed to the desired shape utilizing a variety of CNC presses and rollers.  

  • AMADA HDS8025NT, 8' x 80 Ton Press Brake with 8 axis CNC gauging 

  • AMADA FBD III, 10' x 125 ton press brake with 8 axis CNC gauging

  • AMADA FB III, 10' x 80 ton press brake with 8 axis CNC gauging

  • AMADA RG 80, 80 ton press brake with 3 axis CNC gauging

  • AMADA RG 50, 50 ton press brake with 3 axis CNC gauging



CNC Machining

East Coast operates 6 CNC machining centers with true 5 axis capabilities and 1 CNC turning center along with a variety of manual support equipment to fabricate precision components that are used in welded fabrications and as stand-alone items to support our customers.

  • MAZAK Matrix2, 5-axis machining center - 19" x 19" x 20"

  • (2) MAZAK Nexus vert. machining center – 47” x 20” x 23”

  • (2) MAZAK Nexus vert. machining center – 41” x 20” x 20”

  • MAZAK Nexus vert. machining center – 47” x 20” x 23”, with 4th axis and pallet loader

  • ​​TRAK 1840SX CNC Lathe 18” x 40”

  • TRAK bed mill


Our welders utilize the latest equipment and techniques to insure product conformance. They are well-versed in welding of most material from aluminum to high temp alloys. East Coast is a qualified Raytheon special process welding supplier to the requirements of AWS D17.1.

  • MILLER 351 amp SYNCROWAVE AC/DC power source

  • AMADA ID 40 ST spot welder (up to .125 aluminum)

  • HANSON micro-spot welder

  • GRIEVE 63” x 36” x 39” heat treat oven

  • CUTLASS CLIPPER stud welding system

  • HYPERTHERM plasma cutter

  • (4) MILLER 300 amp DYNASTY DX AC/DC power sources

  • (2) MILLER 250 amp SYNCROWAVE AC/DC power sources

  • (3) MILLER 300 amp SYNCROWAVE AC/DC power sources

  • MILLER 300 amp SYNCROWAVE AC/DC power source with auto programming


The finishing department is well-equipped to meet the most stringent surface finishes up to and including polished stainless steel. East Coast outsources customer required chemical processing or coatings to our qualified vendors. Silk-screening is performed in-house per customer specifications.

  • Ramco 36” finishing machine

  • BEACH 322” X 6” stroke sander                                                                                         

  • SQUARE WHEEL 4” x 72” belt sander

  • CINCINNATI 12” pedestal grinder

  • CINCINNATI 4” belt sander

  • ROCKWELL 12” disc sander

  • UNI-HONE 3' X 3' X 4' blasting machine

  • Two SWECO vibratory finishing machines 36” and 48” 

  • Two Walter Surfox weld discoloration removal systems

  • Bio-Circle non-toxic part cleaning system


East Coast offers mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly services to customers allowing them to concentrate on final integration and testing. We support a wide variety of assemblies, ranging from front display panels to large enclosure integration. East Coast not only manufactures parts, we also purchase components and maintain inventory. 

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