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In most situations, a customer provides East Coast with a solid CAD model of its product requirements. Our engineers, aided by various CAD/CAM software, “break apart” the customer’s CAD model to develop the manufacturing process necessary to meet the product’s performance requirements with a focus on manufacturability and cost. Oftentimes, East Coast’s engineers need to interface with the customer’s engineers to modify the design if it conflicts with the customer’s performance and cost objectives. 


In other situations, the customer will provide us with a specific build-to-print design, usually based on the specific manufacturing processes employed by East Coast, which leaves us with minimal engineering involvement.


The major CAD/CAM software programs utilized by East Coast include:


  • Amada FabriWIN Cad-Cam System with DXF and IGES file transfer

  • MasterCam 

  • Solid Works

  • AutoCAD

  • Bend Cam Virtual Bending Software

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