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Electronic Enclosures and Data Panels

East Coast manufactures custom enclosures that are designed to house and protect electronic components.  These enclosures vary in size and shape with dimensions determined by the customers’ component configuration and user interface. They can vary from a simple battery pack to a complex electrical / pneumatic gas analyzer housing.


The majority of our customers for this application serve the instrumentation, defense and power supply marketplace. In addition, we manufacture a wide variety of data panels which function as the front face of an electronic enclosure. They typically have holes and cutouts for user interface knobs, buttons and displays. Finishes range from powder coated with silkscreen or graphics to nickel plated and laminated windows.  


Enclosures can be produced in sizes up to 4' X 4' X 6'

Structural Enclosures

East Coast manufactures custom structural products from tubular frames to heavy gage enclosures. These enclosures are primarily used to support and or protect a variety of electrical, mechanical and material handling components, such as automated assembly equipment.  The configurations are highly customized depending on the customer’s application. 


Products typically range in size from a small 6" frame to a 6' X 6' X 8' cabinet.                                              

Environmental Enclosures

East Coast manufactures custom environmental enclosures that provide a sealed atmosphere for sensitive instrumentation or hazardous processes.  Typically called Glove Boxes, these enclosures and associated process chambers are highly intricate in their design. They are manufactured to provide a very high purity, inert atmosphere while also providing the ability to manipulate objects internally without breaking containment.  Due to the potential environmental hazards, manufacturing integrity and finishes are critical.


Enclosures and chambers range from 6" mini chambers to 4' X 4' x 6' boxes.

Ancillary Products

In addition to enclosure products, East Coast offers its customers fabrication and machining services to produce ancillary components: 



Support Bars

Misc. Components

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